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Tasty Creations - from experimental cooks!

Friends sharing their kitchen creations

Tasty Creations
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This LJ community is for friends and folks to swap recipes and their kitchen creations!

Important format rules

- The subject line should be the name of the recipe

- Give exact measurements or at least as close to it as possible. If you're going to say "approximately half a cup", you might as well just say "half a cup". This helps those who are wishing to be a little bit more experimentive in their cooking, but get nervous when faced with words like "approximately" and "roughly" in the middle of a recipe. :)

- Feel free to give explination on where the recipe came from, whether it's "this is a family favorite" or "this recipe is an accident - I combined what was left in my kitchen cabinet and came up with this!".

- It helps to give an idea of how many a dish can serve, but is not a requirement.

- If a dish can be frozen, or cannot keep well, or tastes funny if allowed to get cold, or anything else that's important, be sure to note it. :)

- Lastly, with so many folks embracing vegetarianism these days, if your recipe is made with some variety of meat but you feel it's vegan-friendly, please put your suggestions for alternative choices. ie. "I usually make this with chicken but it also works really well with baked tofu", etc.

Feel free to also ask questions! ie. maybe putting up a recipe and saying, "I thought this seemed like a good idea, but it doesn't quite work, anybody have some suggestions?" or things like "what's a good substitute for __?"