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As a reminder...

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Nov. 25th, 2008 | 05:14 pm
posted by: meryddian in tastycreations

Hope everybody has found some recipes worth trying out here! I know I certainly have. :)

As a reminder, if you are posting about the recipe of a particular food item, you should post the full recipe here, not just post links to outside websites, even if you contributed the recipe over there, too.

It is OK to post a recipe here and then say something like, "I originally created this recipe and posted it [website] before", or, "I created this recipe inspired by [this recipe] on [other site]".

Links to outside sites are OK for items such as: pointing out cool food-related blogs, websites where you found a helpful cooking tool, talking about great local food resources (ie. I think I've mentioned The Spice House several times this way), etc.

Thanks everybody! Have a great Thanksgiving holiday and hope to see more holiday food recipes soon!

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