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Sugar Cookies - holiday varietals #1 & 2

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Dec. 12th, 2005 | 05:32 pm
this recipe is: cheerfulcheerful
music to cook by: The Nutcracker Suite
posted by: meryddian in tastycreations

Baking tip: Use powdered sugar instead of flour when rolling cookies.

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Sugar Cookie Surprise

Need: 2 rolls of ready-made sugar cookie dough (Pillsbury refridgerated)

Filling: Your choice - works best with chocolate/candy. Some suggestions:
- Thin Mint cookies - creates a minty surprise
- Chocolate or caramel wafers/drops, up to 1-1/2" across
- Jam
- Mix of nuts/sugar/cinnamon with a touch of butter to make it stick together
- Crushed candy cane

Topping: Your choice; pick something to compliment your filling.

Set oven temperature according to packaging

Preparing your cookie sheets: put parchment paper on your cookie sheets. Depending on the size of your sheets, you'll be able to make about 6-9 cookies at a time. These spread out a bit as they bake, to about 4", so you do not want them too close together.

What to do:

- Slice the sugar cookie mix to about 1/4" thick. Lay single slices far enough apart on your cookie sheet to allow for spreading.
- Atop the middle of each slice, place your filling of choice.
- Lay another slice atop the first.
- Sprinkle topping (ie. nuts, sugar, etc) if you want on your cookies
- Bake approx 15-20 minutes or until done.


Cinnamon swirl sugar cookies

I do this with just one roll of ready-to-bake sugar cookies but it certainly could be done with two.

- one roll slice-and-bake sugar cookies
- 1/4 tsp nutmeg
- 1 tsp. cinnamon
- chopped pecans (optional)
- 1 Tbsp. sugar (Vanilla sugar preferred, regular OK)

- Cut the roll of dough in half. Return one half to the fridge, and allow the other half to soften enough to be pliant.
- Mix the nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar in a bowl; then add the softened dough and mix well. (easiest to do this by hand vs. with a spoon)
- Once thoroughly blended, return mix to fridge until firm enough to roll
- Roll both pieces of dough out to be equally sized rectangles, approximately 1/4" thick. (If you want really cool looking cookies, it's ok to roll thinner).
- Place the cinnamon-dough on top of the plain dough. If you're using nuts, sprinkle them over the top layer.
- Roll the dough up, creating a swirl effect.
- The easiest way to slice your cookies to be ready to bake is to chill them in the fridge for about 1/2 to 1 hour - this way they'll be firmly chilled, but not frozen. Then it will be easier to slice your cookies into 1/4" slices. You may want to add a little bit of extra sugar and nuts to top off your cookies before baking.

Bake per instructions on the packaging, approximately 10-12 minutes.

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