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Teriyaki chicken

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Jan. 18th, 2006 | 12:53 pm
posted by: meryddian in tastycreations

When I was a kid growing up in north central Connecticut, I used to love going to the Ponderosa steakhouse. It wasn't fine cuisine but it was really good, and I was particularly fond of the teriyaki chicken. There was something about the flavor of the teriyaki that I just couldn't match anywhere else.

Well, I have a small George Foreman grill - the starter size. Now, I happen to really love using this thing, it cooks meat nice and fast, with the grill texture, and yet leaves it juicy. The only thing I don't like about it is it's not very convenient to clean. I'm definitely thinking about upgrading to a larger model where the plates can be removed to clean it.

I had a lot of oranges in my fridge and needed to use them up, and I had some chicken that I was indecisive what to do with, so I thought I'd marinate the chicken with orange juice. It didn't really smell like much after 24 hours of marinating, so I added a bit of Thomas brand marinade and The Spice House's Argyle Street Asian Blend to it, and threw it on my GFG.

Awesome. Zesty, zingy, tangy. And pretty close to the Ponderosa teriyaki I loved as a kid, but I think what will really make it superb is if next time, I blend orange and pineapple to the Thomas marinade. :)

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from: antikythera
date: Jan. 22nd, 2006 03:01 pm (UTC)

Hee. Ponderosa. When I was little and we'd drive for two days to spend Christmas with family in Atlanta, the tradition on the first day was to have lunch at Ponderosa in Binghamton, NY.

My siblings and I had an opportunity to be in Binghamton last year, and had lunch at that Ponderosa... it wasn't as good as we remembered it, but it was nostalgic. ^^;

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